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Baker Seed was founded in 1981 by Mike and Deborah Baker. They have spent decades now building the business from day one. Today Deborah still manages and owns the company with her two sons Dan and Shane working at the plant. We warehouse different seeds from Clovers, Alfalfas, Lespedeza, Fescues, Timothy, Orchardgrass, Pasture Mixes, Annual & Perennial Ryegrasses, Redtop, Spring & Fall Oats, Hybrid Sorghum Sudangrass, Chicory, Chufa, Egyptian Wheat, Millets, Peas, Sunflowers, Turnips, Wild Buck’s Seed Mixture and many more.

We can clean and either bag or handle bulk seeds of all sorts depending on season and current setup of cleaners. We have been the go-to for specialty seeds in the area for many years. We have many years of experience at your disposal. If you are working on CRP, give us a call, we can assist you with the details!

Just give us a call at (618) 456-8851 to get current pricing and availability of stock. We strive to handle high quality seeds with zero to low weed content. Our company strives to obtain non coated seed, so you are buying 100% seed.

Baker Seed, LLC is open Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Central Time with the exception of holidays.

Seed Cleaning Equipment

We have multiple cleaners and a wide assortment of machines to assist with cleaning of your seed! Screen Cleaner, Spirals and a Gravity Table for the cleaning of soybeans and a Bayer Commercial Line Treater. We can handle about any kind of seed examples include Clovers, Redtop, Canola, Soybeans, Wheat and many more! Just give us a call and ask. (618) 456-8851

Lawn Seeds

We specialize in grass seeds. We stock high quality grass seed and have cleaned and bagged for decades many types of them at this location. Easy Beauty and Vista Mixtures have became very popular in Southern Illinois and will make your yard the envy of your neighborhood! If you want a green lush and fairly easy to maintain yard give us a call!

Pasture Seeds

Growing quality hay to provide feed for livestock starts with quality seed. Baker Seed, LLC carry two quality mixes, Enduro and Green Valley, plus several other types of individual seeds that we can custom mix or sell individually. We carry Warrior and Potomic Ochardgrasses with different kinds of Timothies and Alfalfas. We can special order about any kind of seed just reach out to us!

Production Agriculture

1. Canola
2. Clovers
3. Fescues
4. Oats
5. Soybeans
6. Wheat
7. And Many Many More!
* Prices and availability vary due to current markets.